Choose the plan that's right for you

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USD 140 per person

2 hours

Min 1 person

Course usually 4 lessons

All equipment included

Reservation neccesary

Oldest school on the island

Full photoshoot included.

Coming Soon

USD 20 P/P

Minimal 6 persons

All safety equipment included

No reservation necessary

A real Fun Experience

Every Wednesday on Daaibooi

Full photo-shoot included

Coming Soon

USD 75 p/p

2 sessions of 15 minutes each

Full equipment included

Gas included

No reservation necessary

Every Wednesday on Daaibooi

Full photo-shoot included


Our Primary pick-up Beach for Wakeboard and Banana Boat is Daaibooi Beach. This beach is located here. Kiteboard sessions are held in a private inland bay. Not on the open sea. We have cold drink water available during the wakeboard activity. Children under the age of 12 have to be accompanied by a parent. Every participant needs to know how to swim. Not meant for people wearing a pacemaker or do have heart problems. Not meant for people with serious injuries or other medical issues. Not meant for people that suffer from serious neck or back issues. Not meant for pregnant woman. Not meant for people with a handicap. No alcoholic beverages are being allowed during the practice.

Please read the waiver completely. you will be asked to sign the document on you arrival on the training facility. You can download and print the waiver from the link here-under. A waiver of liability is a written or oral acknowledgement made by a person who is engaging in a risky pursuit. In making the acknowledgement, the person usually gives up his right to sue the other party if he suffers an injury, damages, or some other kind of loss while undertaking the activity. Typically, a waiver is signed when a person undertakes a pursuit that has a relatively large amount of risk associated with it, such as surgery, flying, bungee jumping, or in our case Kite surfing Wake boarding or banana Boat Riding Experience.

Call or Whatsapp us if you want more information at +5999 661 3109.