Weather forecast Form

Note: Wind forecasting is based on 12 year statistical information about the average possibility of a wind force between a certain range in a certain period of the year. About 2 weeks before an estimated date the wind predictions are more precise. Wind power prediction is directly linked to weather conditions and thus the first aspect of wind power forecasting is the prediction of future values of the necessary weather variables at the level of the training facility here in Curacao. This is done by using numerical weather prediction (NWP) models. Such models are based on equations governing the motions and forces affecting motion of fluids. From the knowledge of the actual state of the atmosphere, the system of equations allows to estimate what the evolution of state variables, e.g. temperature, velocity, humidity and pressure, will be at a series of grid points. The meteorological variables that are needed as input for wind power prediction obviously include wind speed and direction, but also possibly temperature, pressure and humidity. Wind power predictions is not exact science as weather predictions are not. Always be prepared for variations on the mentioned forecast. With the current technology at our disposal we luckily are very close to reality when it comes to wind force predictions.