Kite Repair

Eventually it will happen to you. How careful you treat your kite there will be a moment that you damage your kite. Maybe a tear in the fabric or a scratch in the leading edge or strut. Now you can relax because we repair this for you in no time. The cost is USD 10 per 10 cm of repair work for the sail and USD 20 for every 10 cm on the leading edge.

The inspiration for KITEAID SAIL REPAIR comes from the world of aerospace, where heat-sensitive adhesives are favoured due to their remarkable properties:

  • First and foremost, KITEAID SAIL REPAIR’s heat-sensitive adhesive material basically requires no curing time. That means that you can be back in the water as soon as the product is applied.
  • With its hot iron application, KITEAID SAIL REPAIR creates a mechanical interlock, with the adhesive penetrating the fibres of the kite material to form an exceptionally strong and durable bond.
  • The thick, flexible KITEAID SAIL REPAIR membrane creates a barrier against shearing forces and optimizes peel resistance ― the inherent weakness of any adhesive joint ― by ensuring adhesive propagation near the edges.
  • Unlike solvent-based products, KITEAID SAIL REPAIR doesn’t degrade over time (or release harmful solvents into the environment). It maintains its performance characteristics despite exposure to UV light, rain, salt water and other elements. The non-tacky nature of the product also promotes long-term adhesion, as it doesn’t attract dirt and other particles that can deteriorate the bond over time.